Scissor gates at Harbor Club in Amsterdam in

1 april 2020

Recently we mounted scissor gates at the Harbor Club in Amsterdam. It concerns the scissor fence type Idea.

Shielding instead of burglary protection

The purpose of this fence is a partition within a room, not burglary protection. The customer wants people to be unable to be in this part of the restaurant during the daytime construction work.

The fencing is on wheels so that they are easy to open and move. The fences are solid and, if desired, can be secured with door fasteners.

4 Linkable scissor gates

For this project we have supplied 4 independent fencing of over six meters each, if desired they can also be linked together.

Due to the material used (steel) and the wheel construction, this type of fencing is much sturdier than the fencing already on the market, which is used for temporary barriers.

We see opportunities!

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