Security shutters and folding gates

Front Security, established in the Netherlands, was founded in 2002 and has developed strongly in security shutters and folding gates. Since the introduction of the transparent Front Vision® system, Front Security conquered a solid spot in the security market. Due to several years of development, the product range of Front Security extended to the following products:

Sequential PBB Shutters

The Sequential Passenger Boarding Bridge Shutter of Front Security is based on the Front Vision® transparent shutter. The shutter consists of two parts connected with firm straps, and opens in two stages.

Lateral PBB Shutters

The Full Transparent Lateral Curtain has been designed as a safety device as well as a beautiful design feature.  This Lateral PBB Shutter will easily fit into the existing bridge as a replacement of the old system.

Check in Conveyor Shutters

The Check in Conveyor Shutter of Front Security is based on the B60 aluminium folding gate. It has been developed to prevent unauthorized individuals to enter the luggage conveyors.

Rolling Grilles

Rolling Grilles provide a great amount of security and are ideal for separation of passages and securing windows, especially at places where transparency and ventilation is important.

Front Vision

The Front Vision® transparent security shutter consists of anodised aluminium hinges and transparent polycarbonate windows. The transparency level of this security shutter lays around 80 percent.

Folding Gates

A Folding Gates is a product that can be perfectly used to safeguard facades and doors. By using a scissoring construction, the folding gate can easily be folded to a package with small dimensions.

Satisfied customers

Front Security airport security shutters are mounted at airports all over the world, including:

Barcelona | London | Nice | Edinborough | Bordeaux | Paris | Toulouse | Brussel | Abu Dhabi | Ashgabat | Frankfurt | Malaga | Congo | Jeddah | Vienna | Munchen | Paderborn | Luxembourg | Stockholm | Zurich | Berlin | Nantes | Strassbourg | Toulon | Amsterdam